Innovative Project Management and Layout Services

We provide technical services to industry and have a wide range of skills and experiences to pull from. Ultimately, we want to provide the services customers need. Usually this means helping customer’s complete projects they do not have adequate resources to complete. We have provided services such as:

  • Project Management (new equipment installation, equipment modifications, building expansion and remodeling)
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design (machines, platforms, tools, fixtures, etc)
  • Material Handling (racks, carts, conveyors, hoist, end effectors, lifts, etc)
  • Dry Bulk Handling (conveyors, storage bins, instrumentation, pneumatic conveying, etc)
  • Liquid Bulk Handling (pumps, piping, tanks, valves, instrumentation, insulation, heat trace, etc)
  • Process Design
  • Fabrication and Machine Shop Services

We can help define scopes, provide design, manage schedules and maintain budgets. This could be a resource to install new equipment or processes, manage contractors, correct chronic equipment problems, and improve product quality.
We can provide a full turnkey solution for your project or we can provide a focused resource for just one aspect of your project. We offer flexible working arrangements depending on the project and client’s needs. We provide our computers and licensed software. We usually work at the project site. Some benefits of using our service include:

  • An on-call resource when project work is needed.
  • Access to experience and proven personnel
  • Turnkey project services available
  • Access to latest 3-D modeling Software
  • Allows client personnel to focus on core business activities

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your company’s needs to determine how we could be of service.